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The Yum Hugs Philosophy

Yum Hugs is an ode to nostalgic, afternoon tea inspired treats that just feel good. Homemade goodies are hand delivered to yourself or a loved one as a delicious way to brighten someone’s day.


From country style tarts, cakes and slices to savoury lunchbox bites, our range is lovingly made and customised to suit you.


We’re committed to:


  • Using seasonal produce

  • Maximising recycled and recyclable packaging

  • Prioritising Australian made and owned products

  • Tailored products for a wide range of dietary requirements

  • Delivering with compassion, communication and care


About Michelle

Founder, Owner, Cook and Instructor, Michelle is the beating heart of Yum Hugs. The business was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, where physical hugs were scarce. Then and now, there is always a need for warmth and connection - which is why Michelle developed “a hug in a box” - Yum Hugs.


When she’s not knee deep in baking recipe books (her happy place), you can also find Michelle working as an offsite, delivering cook for NDIS-registered I Hate Cooking service, meal prepping across Adelaide.


Head to the website here to make a booking!


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