About me


I grew up in a country town

I had a long career in back office banking

I told myself that my life was not meant to be boring


This new, less than boring life included producing and performing regional tours of the children’s show Kangaroo Creek Gang, travelling everywhere from Mumbai to London to Bali (my favourite) whilst raising 2 gorgeous, independent young women. And since 2015, following my passion of cooking and baking by completing a Commercial Cookery TAFE course with a side stint of owning my own coffee van and ending up here!


I was interested in food long before Masterchef became a thing. I've long had a burning passion for collecting (read: hoarding) recipe books and giving any page a go. Baking is my happy place - my favourites being breads and cakes, and how they represent the kindness in the world that everybody deserves. Everyone loves bread is some shape, way or form, right?


Working in a team, meeting new people, Indian food, Eurovision, reading and PINK (the colour not so much the singer) all make the world go round for me - though baby corn should be eradicated and people who don’t say ‘Thank You’ are the bane of my existence.


Yum Hugs was born from an idea of a hug in a box at a time when you couldn't physically hug anyone due to Covid restrictions. I feel right now there was a need for connection and warmth between people. Also cake. Always cake. ❤️ 

The Yum Hugs philosophy

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of home you get from eating something carefully and lovingly prepared. Can you feel the glow of nostalgia in your tummy? That’s a Yum Hug! 


I'd love to recreate that emotion with what I call a ‘hug in a box’. Tasty, homemade afternoon tea-style treats, personally delivered by myself or my husband Ian to someone you care about.  


Yum Hugs is the delicious way to brighten up someone’s day. It could be for... 

  • An elderly person who would love to be thought of 

  • A new Mum adjusting to a totally different way of life  

  • A work colleague having a crappy morning  

  • Or anyone who could use a sweet boost to their day!  


I always use seasonal produce to make sure every ingredient is authentically flavoured, as well as using as much recycled and recyclable packaging as I can. I always endeavour to use Australian made and owned products (where possible) and am a passionately South Australian business. Collaborating with other small South Australian producers is high on my agenda. 

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