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Dietary Requirements? Here's the goss!

One of the most common questions I get asked is: Do you cater for special dietary requirements with your homemade sweet treats?

With so many allergies and intolerances nowadays it’s important to know exactly what is in the goodies you are eating


I require a Gluten Free diet – can I eat your sweet treats?

We have a range of sweet treats that are gluten free. In most cases wheat flour can be substituted with gluten free flour without affecting the taste and texture.

Our kitchen uses both wheat & gluten free flour and government labelling requirements restrict us from using the term “Gluten Free”. As such, you will find our delights are marked as Low Gluten & not Gluten Free


Do you use Dairy Free ingredients in your products?

Chocolate and butter are the main ingredients in many Yum Hugs products. Dairy free chocolate can be sourced but I’ve found the cost is not competitive for my business. Minimising food waste is a passion project for me and having recipes which use similar ingredients work well in that area. Check out our vegan options for dairy free selections


Can you provide cakes and bites for a Vegan diet?

We have a small number of vegan options. Our scrumptious homemade vegan chocolate cupcakes come with a berry filling to make it more special and they are topped with a caramel cashew frosting. Vegan cooking is an area I dabble in, not my main style of cooking. If you have something special in mind, please contact me & I’m sure something can be worked out


I’m allergic to nuts – can I still partake of your goodies?

Our kitchen cooks with nuts on numerous products. All homebaked goodies are all labelled with “may contain traces of nuts” so are not suitable for a severe nut allergy. All care is taken to clean and sterilise surfaces and equipment before each cook.


Yum Hugs products are all homemade and can be made to your dietary needs. I love to work with customers to come up with a bespoke product if one is required. Sweet treats are all created with quality ingredients. Our products do not contain added preservatives or additives. Our baked delights are made fresh in the 24 hours prior to delivery or pick up. Gift bag products are all labelled with ingredients and ingredient lists can be emailed for perusal before ordering.

Check out our full menu here:

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